Bone–i–fido Happy Yappy Customers!

“Hi Samara. Coopa’s bikkies arrived and he just loves them. He has tried each flavour but I don’t think he has a favourite he just loves all of them. So many great flavour choices. Thank you for your help when we spoke over the phone and for the love that you put into making and packaging your products. I know I am giving Coopa a healthy treat and will definitely be purchasing again.. and I tell everyone one I can about them”

Donna and “Coopa” – QLD

Hi Samara, “We received your bikkies, thank you very much. So far they have had 1 of all of them and everything is being munched and crunched with absolute joy. Billie and Button are sitting with me on the couch as I type this crunching on your bikkies. They can’t get enough of them. No probs with them crunching them either, they seem to love the sound they make when they are crunching on them. So thank you very much for the gift you have bought into our home. We will definitely be buying some more once they get through this lot. Which at the rate they are going will be very soon….”

Thanks again from all of us, Billie, Button, Jayc and Kayley – QLD

Dear Samara, “Max thanks you for the treats. I did not know what to expect when I gave Max the first treat (Slim Chickins). However, he was more receptive to it than other (store bought) treats, licked it and spent the next 10 minutes enjoying it. The complimentary cheese treat was eaten so quickly that I had to give him a second one, than he ran around with excitement. The Roocotta rusks and the Salmon scrolls have also been a big hit. I have had to make sure he doesn’t eat too many! Thank you once again for the delicious treats”.

Sam Putland & “Max” – QLD

“This is Dusty at 15 weeks old, and her little sister Lulu at 10 weeks. They were the most beautiful pups, and now have grown into wonderful 12 and 13 month old dogs. I don’t believe in processed foods (no matter how good the vets tell you they are !), so I have bought my girls up on the BARF diet (Bones and Raw Food) right from the word go. I used to struggle to find healthy snacks for the girls, so when a friend told us about Mutts Be Luv, we were thrilled. I immediately loved the website, and was impressed by the healthy ingredients used, so I placed an order that day. I couldn’t believe it when the biscuits arrived – they smelled so fresh and delicious that I had to have one myself!! It was obvious that they were freshly baked, and packaged beautifully in environmentally friendly packaging. The dogs just adore them. Thanks Samara for providing us “health nuts” with truly healthy treats for our Mutts”

Sally Hawkins (Dusty and Lulu), QLD

“We have two fur kids, a Labrador and Labrador/Retriever cross, which we thought needed more nutrition in their diet especially when getting treats between their main meals. We found Mutts Be Luv Barkery on the internet which provides healthy treats. We have tried five of the bite size cookies which had our fur kids wanting more. Soon as they hear the packet crackle they come running and sit at our feet with tails wagging. Keep it up Mutts Be Luv Barkery ….. the fur kids love them !!!! “

Donna-Lee (Honey and Sophie), QLD

“This is my recently adopted German Shepherd, Tinker. We don’t know much about her history as she was a stray, but we did discover very quickly that she hadn’t had much training in the past and had no manners! So off to the dog trainer she went. For the first few sessions we had trouble coaxing her with food rewards because she is such a picky eater. I went to every pet shop I knew buying all sorts of treats, most of which she turned her nose up at. Happily I found Mutts Be Luv Barkery on the internet and now we have Tinker eagerly sitting, dropping and crawling through tunnels for a cookie! Thank-you Mutts Be Luv Barkery for your delicious and nutritious cookies! We are glad to be helping other rescue dogs with every bite!”

Porscia Lam (Tinker), VIC

“This is our smoochy girl Gabby, we adopted her 6 years ago from the pound unfortunately Gabby was diagnosed with severe degenerative arthritis. A month after adopting her she had to have the head of her femur removed because it was fractured. This has not stopped Gabby’s zest for life she still loves running around the backyard chasing her best mate Riley; I cannot bear to watch them sometimes as they go so fast I am afraid she will fall and break something.Gabby loves her food, but she can be very choosey when it comes to treats it is quite funny to watch she will take the treat then roll it around in her mouth then drop it. That is not the case with her muttsbeluvbiscuits, she is now making sure she devours every crumb before her best friend Riley has the oppurtunity to steal any.

At the time this picture was taken we were having our brick fence rebuilt as you will see in the photo Gabby has a tool on her bed, she had taken it and made it her own she carried it around for days,the builders had to keep a very close eye on their tools after that.”

Lyn (“Gabby & Riley”), Rosetta Tasmania

“This is our Maremma named Riley; we have been his carers since he was 12 weeks old, he is now almost nine years of age. We have had our challenges over the years as Riley has many allergies (food, plants & grasses). We have to be very careful with his food; finding treats that agree with him is a problem so I was glad when I found mutts be luv barkery on the internet I thought we should give these biscuits a try.I am pleased to report Riley thinks they are delicious, so much so he stole some from his companion Gabby, he is having no adverse reactions so we will be regular customers. We will also be purchasing biscuits for our doggie friends for Christmas; they are so nicely presented they will make a great gift and we are sure our friends will love them too just like Riley & Gabby ( only problem is choosing which varieties there are so many).”

Lyn (“Gabby & Riley”), Rosetta Tasmania

“My big girl Saffron is 11 now and going blind. Getting up and down the stairs had become a problem for Saff after a mishap and she fell down the steps. She lost her confidence and would not use the steps at all. We live in a high-set house and having Saff downstairs whilst we were up was not ideal for any of us. Part of Saff’s rehabilitation was to give her a Barramunchie, Howly Mackerel or her favourite, Cheezy Pups as a treat each time she made it down the steps. Saffron has regained her confidence and now happily goes up and down the stairs. The only problem is she expects a treat every time she uses them!I also like Mutts Be Luv cookies not only because they are a healthy treat but they support a great cause – Golden Ark. Keep up the great work Samara.”

Marie and “Saffron” – Brisbane, Qld