Cheese ‘n’ Vegemutt Toasties (200g)


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Crikey! For all ya vegemite luvin’ cobber digging blueys out there, we’ve rustled up our own mini munch version of an Australian all-time favourite! Yep, buried inside each bite size slice is the irresistible tang of vintage cheddar plus a dachshund’s dollop of our mutt-friendly vegemite. But wait, there’s more! We’ve also topped the toasties with a spaniel’s spread of our vegemite mixed with a husky’s hint of homemade lamb liver pâté to ensure your muttley mate enjoys the ultimutt Great Aussie Bite!

Ingredients: Gluten free flour blend, cheddar, homemade vegemite (NO corn, sugar or yeast), cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, free-range whole eggs, homemade apple almond butter, coconut milk powder, millet flakes, flaxseeds, raw apple cider vinegar, turmeric, garlic powder

NB: All of our natural healthy dog treats are handcrafted with fresh ingredients so the color may vary per individual order

Size options:

approx 5 to 6cm


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