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Phewie! Is your mutt a bit on the nose? Well, give that nose peg the flick because we’ve created a whirl’wind of a doggie biscuit to blast the bad smellies fast! Our crunchy charcoal chicken bones are pawfect for mutts who suffer from hiccups, bad breath, stinky body odor or who, erm, fart more than they bark! Activated charcoal powder and peppermint leaves are a great combo to help relieve tummy upsets, rid your magnificent mutt of that gosh pawful bad breath and defuse those smelly tail end bombs! To raise health benefits another notch, we’ve tossed in a puppy’s paw of therapawtic chamomile and lavender flowers… these ancient medicinal fragrant herbs can also help relieve indigestion and other tummy upsets, whilst calming and soothing your muttley’s mind and body. To ensure we still tempt those fussy fidos out there, each healthy bikkie bone boasts the full bodied flavour of chargrilled chicken breast fillet and our homemade meaty bone broth.

So why is Activated Charcoal such a superhero in our doggie bowls? Because it also lowers bad cholesterol in the blood whilst increasing good cholesterol, and is beneficial in reducing the risks of heart disease and cardiovascular problems!


Ingredients: Gluten free flour blend, chicken breast, homemade broth, activated charcoal powder, parsley, mint leaves, chamomile flowers, lavender flowers, cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, free-range whole eggs, manuka honey, flaxseed meal, raw apple cider vinegar, turmeric, garlic powder

NB: All of our natural healthy dog treats are handcrafted with fresh ingredients so the color may vary per individual order

Size options:

Bite size is approx 4 to 5cm
Snack size is approx 6 to 7cm


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