Mutts Gone Wild!

Grrrreat Nova Scotia’s!…there’s no tolling what will be running loose on the hungry hyena’s menu next! We’ve brought out the big guns with our rifling range of newly dog’scovered medium to rare sumptuous and scent-illating Gourmet Game Meat and Wild Ocean Fish dog’lights, guaranteed to release the wild woof in your mild mannered mutt…we’d even go safari to say that Scooby Doo’s terra-fried tastebuds would be tackled pink with a meermuzzleful from this mob of muttwatering morsels.

Be cougar’rageously cautious though, this fearsome fusion of ferociously feisty flavours will muttamorphosize the meekest and mildest mannered mutt…in fido fact just one wee whiff of these colossally crunchie catches will, without a doggy doubt, separate the muscle bound Hounds from the eenie-mini Foxes.

We challenge all mutts to taste a walk on the wilder side of their bowls!

Tally Ho!

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