Doggone Fishin'

Grrr’haar me hearties, here be tasty treasures from the sea for all ye swash bucklin’ sea-dawgs. Tis a fishermutt’s basket full to the bream of appawtizing fish flavours…and you’ll be walkin’ the plank just to sink ya wee teeth into them.

Today’s Catch of the Day Menu includes a choice of scrummy seafood cocktail cookies made with mutt-watering fillets of lipsmackin’ Mackerel or yummy Barramundi.

We especially selected these fish varieties for their good source of protein, vitamins, minerals and calcium. And we mutt not forget to mention their rich levels of Omega 3 EPA and DHA and Omega 6 AA, essential for promoting healthy skin and coat, optimal brain and heart functions, boosting immunity, assisting in the prevention of arthritis and even lowering cholesterol. Now that’s worth wooffling on about!

So you can be assured that each tasty morsel is awash with wholesome goodness and smells so scent-illatingly fish’licious that your mutt is guaranteed to get hooked!

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