Cheesepeake Platter

Halleloumi! Your mutt will be howlin’ “I mutts be in heaven” when they wrap their barking gear around our dreamy creamy and divinely pawlatable cheesy cookie cuisine…in fido fact they smell and taste so gouda your mutt will be donning a cheesy grin from ear to ear, year to year!

Some more Fido Health Facts on Cheese Please…

• Cheese is a good source of calcium which every buddy knows grrrows strong healthy bones and fangs!

• Cheese contains rich quantities of essential nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, vitamin A and B12, zinc, riboflavin, and high quality proteins which are barkingly good for the whole buddy from Head to Tail!

• Cheese, like other dairy foods, contains certain levels of fats but the gouda news is that we use reduced fat cheeses! More impawtently, there have been numerous studies conducted over the last two decades along with recent research showing that cheese is a excellent source of conjugated linoleic acid or CLA which has been touted to be the only dietary fatty acid to actually inhibit a variety of cancers!

All facts aside though…MUTTS JUST LUV CHEESE!!! But it’s gouda to know that mutts can enjoy the nutritional value as well.  Even so, the golden rule of paw still barks true: MUNCH in MUTT-DERATION!

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