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The baker behind the biscuit…
The “Muttley Crew” taste testing team:
Our name & the reason behind it!
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Mutts Be Luv Barkery is an exciting and fun-loving organic dog biscuit bakery bringing you and your furry luv-muttin an exclusive range of 100% Australian, 100% natural, healthy home baked dog biscuits using certified and free-range organics and the highest human-quality ingredients. Our dog biscuits are unlike any other natural dog treat you will buy in today’s market. Your mutt will find our healthy dog treats tail-waggingly irresistible, salivatingly nutritious, wildly different from the average pack and, we guarantee the dogscerning mutt Luv at First Bite!

What makes our natural dog biscuits so unique?

At Mutts Be Luv Barkery we lovingly handcraft each batch of our bikkies from scratch then slow bake to pawfection, ensuring your luvable mutt enjoys the freshest and finest culinary scent’sation!

We source only the finest and freshest selection of certified and free-range organics along with the highest quality human-grade ingredients. All meat, fish, dairy and eggs used in our baked goods are sourced from producers who follow responsible, ethical and sustainable practices so you can be assured when purchasing our ethically produced dog biscuits and treats that you are also playing a vital part in helping to protect and sustain our country and the welfare of animals.

organic and free-range: meats and poultry – fresh ocean fish – free-range whole eggs – fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs – fresh seeds, nuts, legumes – fresh cheeses – home-made stocks (our own exclusive recipes!)

We naturally dehydrate many of our own foods and most of the fruit vegetable and herbs are grown and picked fresh from our very own organic garden. We use primarily ‘certified’ organics but when these are a bit hard to sniff out we use a selection of both non-certified organics and the freshest human-grade and free-range produce available.

We use low allergy ingredients but if your dog’s food sensitivity is not on our menu we are very happy to adjust our recipes to offer a nut, egg or dairy free option. For many of our dog biscuits you can also select an alternate ingredient by clicking on the drop down ‘ingredient options’ list prior to submitting an order.

We are very excited to be now using a selection of gluten free flour blends developed by talented Sunshine Coast Chef Monica Topliss from the Gluten Free Food Co .  Monica has created a unique range of super healthy and nutritious gluten free flour blends which include flours such as brown rice, buckwheat, coconut, tapioca, almond, sorghum, quinoa, flax and the ever versatile banana flour. More recently too, we have added to many of our dog biscuit recipes, the organic super green leaf powder Moringa Oleifera (aka “Moringa”), organic turmeric paste and organic dried lavender buds (an amazing herb that not only brings a wonderful fragrance to our biscuits but also some very unique health properties and benefits such as relieving anxiety and stress, promoting healthy skin and coat, reducing inflammation and as a digestive aid).

Our organic natural sweeteners include homemade unsweetened apple, mango, pineapple, raspberry and cranberry sauces, coconut flower nectar, unsulphured blackstrap molasses and Manuka honey.

We believe the human-animal bond is so special, that we here at Mutts Be Luv Barkery revere it, as well as the inspiring charities around Australia that enrich the lives of people and animals by encouraging and developing this bond. In showing our appreciation to some of those charities, each month a portion of the proceeds fetched from every bag of our biscuits is thrown over to the good folk at Assistance Dogs Australia, a national charity training Labradors and Golden Retrievers to help people with disabilities, and Animals Australia in support of their efforts to close down puppy farms, and to create a kinder world for animals in general.

The true taste, aroma and quality of our biscuits ‘easily’ sets them apart from any other…just ask your luvable mutt after he tries them for himself!

And of course, the most essential and precious ingredient that fills each and every one of our natural healthy dog biscuits is a heartfelt sprinkling of LOVE…an ingredient that will forever be lacking in machine-made commercial dog biscuits.

The baker behind the biscuit…

Hi, my name is Samara and I am the resident Baker at your Mutts’ service! Over my lifetime I have been privileged to work alongside some very special mutts…mutts in animal shelters, in my own mobile hydrobath business, in my former self funded Golden Retriever rescue and rehabilitation work, which spanned across 12 years and now my very own fur-family of Golden Retrievers at Filigrigold Kennels.

I have diligently continued to promote and educate friends, family and colleagues about the incredible importance and long-term health benefits of providing complete whole natural foods to our pets.

As a chronic sufferer of Coeliacs disease (a severe allergy to wheat and gluten) I quickly learned firsthand about everything there was to know about food and that familiar old adage “you are what you eat”.

Apply the above concept to our mutts and before long the evidence barks for itself with the phenomenal number of chronic skin and food allergies afflicting our pets today.

Throughout my research on the toxicity of supermarket foods, both the human and pet variety, the findings were frightening and indicative of the fact that feeding our pets unnatural, genetically modified and preservative and chemical laden foods and treats has created an era of very sick and allergy stricken pets.

With this frightening revelation in our midst I embarked upon a deeper educational journey, and a determined mission, to develop, test and trial many more natural dog treat and dog biscuit recipes that would not only produce a highly nutritious, easily digestible and tasty dog biscuit, but a whole range of natural healthy dog biscuits that would also provide positive health benefits.

And so, following countless hours of research, mixing, kneading, crafting and baking, I and our hardworking team of Muttley Crew Taste Testers, are very excited to present to you and your marvellous mutts a unique and very healthy taste scent-sation that contains no wheat, gluten, corn or yeast, no preservatives, no added sugars or salts, no artificial colours or flavours, no meat by-products, no fillers and is totally free of chemicals or pesticides!


The “Muttley Crew” taste testing team:

We enlisted scores of happy, tail wagging mutts to taste test our healthy dog biscuits and we would like to grrraciously thank all of them for their eagerness, dedication and ultimate paw of approval! We will be bringing you photos of these amazing mutts soon. In the interim you might like to meet our own Muttley Crew members:

Gobble guts Pandora & Willow
Leading Paw:
Fusspot “Marley”
Quality Assurance Officer:
Buggerlugs Bogart

Our name & the reason behind it!

Baking my own natural healthy dog treats and dog biscuits really began as a personal project, giving bikkies to friends, family and dog grooming customers, but after being constantly told that to keep giving away something that cost so much money to create, whilst struggling to rescue and re-home Golden Retrievers, was just plain crazy and that “I must be doing it for love!”

So I found myself reciting these words over and over until my adorable, loving and supportive husband humorously said to me “Sam, you ARE mutts, so you MUTTS be doing it all for love!” The rest is history and the name Mutts Be Luv just stuck and my natural healthy dog biscuits literally took on a ‘wholesome’ new meaning and purpose.