Aussie Shepherd’s Pie (200g)





Strewth! Wrap ya laughin’ gear ‘round this lot mate! Nothing but good ol’ lipsmackin’, whisker crackin’, paw lickin’ bush tucker flavours in this ‘ere ‘Strayin outback bikkie. We’ve taken a mighty mutt sized emu steak, thrown ‘er on the barbie, ground ‘er up with some dinky dog mushrooms, mushy minty peas, honey kissed baby carrots, sweetie-pie potato mash and ripe tangy tomuttoes. Then by Jove, we chucked in a tails toss of cheesy cheddar, a goanna’s gob of garlicky Gruyere for a bit of gourmet grunt, and a puppy’s breath of cheeky chia seeds to bring ya mongrel mutt the best darn working dog’s pie buried in a bonzer bikkie! Bewdy mate!

Ingredients: Gluten free flour blend, grilled emu steaks, minted peas, honey carrots, sweet potato, roma tomatoes, cheese (cheddar, gruyere), dried shiitake mushrooms, cold pressed extra virgin coconut oil, free-range whole eggs, unsweetened applesauce, manuka honey, tomato paste, millet flakes, pumpkin seed meal, chia seeds, mixed herbs, turmeric, garlic powder

NB: All of our natural healthy dog treats are handcrafted with fresh ingredients so the color may vary per individual order


approx 4cm – 5cm


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